Re: At last... RibbonExplorer #newaddon

Sylwek Piekarski

I don't have a problem with ribbons in Office, but I'm glad that such an add-on was created. Thank you very much. It even works well in Office 2016.

kind regards - Sylwek

W dniu 13.01.2022 o 16:14, Alberto Buffolino pisze:

Hi all,
as you may have read on NVDA general list, after a restricted testing phase, I released to the public a new add-on, to simplify exploration of Ribbon menu, in Office 2019, 365 and 2021 (for the moment).
Just install, open an Office application, press Alt... and familiarize with new menu layout (an enhanced version of object navigation, as advanced users will see).
It's in dev state, but it already works quite well, in my opinion.
Remaining problems concern primarily how to set focus in particular circumstances (forceFocus method), and I'd be very grateful if someone could suggest a better solution than mine (focusing a previous obj and then simulating a moving gesture, substantially).
Latest build is at:
and repository at:
Good tests 🙂

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