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Christopher Duffley

Yup, basically what Noelia summarized!

Christopher Duffley



On Jan 13, 2022, at 12:17, Doug Lee <nvda@...> wrote:

This is an English list, but I think you said you just joined it. Greetings and welcome. :-)

In case it's useful, this is my best translation of your message - Google helped here but this is not just a
Google translation:

Hello Alberto

  I just joined this list today.

     I'm starting to learn Python and want to participate in creating
    add-ons, but my knowledge is very low.

   But I have Office 2019 installed and have access to Office 365.

  I offer to do user -level tests while I'm accustomizing myself to the world of NVDA.

     I hope to be useful.


On Thu, Jan 13, 2022 at 05:52:17PM +0100, Jordi Montserrat Navarro wrote:
  Hola Alberto

  Acabo de incorporarme hoy a la lista.

  Estoy empezando a aprender Python y quiero participar en crear
  complementos, pero mis conocimientos son  muy bajos.

  Pero tengo instalado el Office 2019 y tendre acceso al Windows 365.


  Me ofrezco a hacer pruebas a nivel de usuario, mientras voy
  introduciéndome en el mundo de NVDA.

  Espero ser útil.


  El jue, 13 ene 2022 a las 16:56, Alberto Buffolino
  (<a.buffolino@...>) escribió:

    Roger Stewart, il 13/01/2022 16.42, ha scritto:
Will this work with Notepad and other apps that use ribbons?
    Hi Roger,
    it was my initial idea, but going forward I realized that Ribbons in
    Office and Ribbons in other applications are not so similar as you
    I) imagine, and decided to concentrate my efforts on Office.
    So, about other applications, I not decided yet. It'll depend on how
    much work it require.


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