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Noelia Ruiz

Hello Jordi: Welcome to the international NVDA add-ons mailing list. The language for this group is English. You may try to use an automatic translator to post here, for example, instantTranslate,  an NVDA add-on contributed by several authors included Alberto. I"ll sumarize your message, writen in Spanish:
Mostly for Alberto. Jordi wants to learn Python and skills related" to add-on development. He has Office 2019 and soon he will have 365, and he wants to help with your add-on making tests as a user. Thanks.

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El 13 ene 2022, a las 17:57, Jordi Montserrat Navarro <disetgrup@...> escribió:

Hola Alberto

Acabo de incorporarme hoy a la lista.

Estoy empezando a aprender Python y quiero participar en crear complementos, pero mis conocimientos son  muy bajos.

Pero tengo instalado el Office 2019 y tendre acceso al Windows 365.


Me ofrezco a hacer pruebas a nivel de usuario, mientras voy introduciéndome en el mundo de NVDA.

Espero ser útil.


El jue, 13 ene 2022 a las 16:56, Alberto Buffolino (<a.buffolino@...>) escribió:
Roger Stewart, il 13/01/2022 16.42, ha scritto:
> Will this work with Notepad and other apps that use ribbons?
Hi Roger,
it was my initial idea, but going forward I realized that Ribbons in
Office and Ribbons in other applications are not so similar as you (and
I) imagine, and decided to concentrate my efforts on Office.
So, about other applications, I not decided yet. It'll depend on how
much work it require.


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