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Both assumptions are incorrect. The OCR engine for Windows 10 that NVDA utilizes is offline, and does not send the image to any Microsoft server whatsoever, and places results in a virtual buffer. As for the OCR add-n that uses the Tesseract engine, while readability may vary, there is no difference in functionality, i.e., it "can only do simple things", and places its results in the object that was OCRed. Simplicity has nothing to do with anything, nor are we talking about displaying windows that is native to Windows 10 -- press NVDA+F twice in a OS other than 10 for the exact same technology used by the native OCR code for Windows 10's engine.


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I think there is a general misunderstanding here in that Windows 10 OCR is
in fact part of windows, well its something sent to a cloud based app, and
then presented back as a windows accessible screen, whereas as Windows 7
does not have this code it has to rely on the Addon itself built in OCR with
besides being not as good, can only do simple things and hence it needs to
be looked at with a different form of navigation. Its much like some bits of
windows still do not speak with nvvda and are often only revealed by screen
or object navigation or the nvda B key.

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