IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR TRANSLATORS: Joseph Lee will accept translations for most of his add-ons until December 17, 2021


Hi all,

Since I’m no longer part of translations list, please forward the following announcement to translators:

As part of procedure for ending maintenance for most of my add-ons in 2022, I would like to inform the NVDA translations community that you will have until December 17, 2021 to submit translations for the following add-ons:

  • Clock (see notes)
  • Control Usage assistant
  • Enhanced Touch Gestures
  • GoldWave
  • Resource Monitor
  • StationPlaylist



  • General: it would be best to submit translations early, preferably no later than December 16, 2021 at 23:59 UTC. Note that this deadline is for most of my add-ons, not NVDA. The final release of these add-ons with localization updates will be published in January 2022.
  • Clock: this add-on is not mine but I’ve been maintaining it for a while to modernize the add-on. Now that modernization work is complete, I’m handing this add-on back to the community.
  • There may or may not be a compatibility release for my add-ons (except Clock add-on) when NVDA 2022.1 beta 1 is released.
  • The following add-ons will be maintained by me past January 2022: Add-on Updater, Windows App Essentials.
  • If Add-on Store is declared ready for the public, the last versions of my add-ons will be uploaded alongside other add-ons.


Thank you.



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