Re: Changing the behavior of left and right arrows?

Cagri Dogan

I’ve a working copy here with NVDA’s last alpha. I can send it privately if you want.


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Konu: Re: [nvda-addons] Changing the behavior of left and right arrows?


Tried it. It doesn't work with the latest version of NVDA.


On Mon, Nov 22, 2021 at 12:07 AM Chris via <> wrote:

Or you could save yourself all the trouble and download the enhanced phonetic reading add-on




From: Meisam Amini
Sent: 21 November 2021 19:55
Subject: [nvda-addons] Changing the behavior of left and right arrows?



I'm severely hearing impaired in addition to being blind, and use phonetic equivalent of letters a lot. But NVDA's phonetic announcement feature isn't really enough for me and I have to constantly double-press numpad2 to hear the phonetic word for a letter.

I have been trying to write an add-on to bring the behavior of JAWS and TalkBack to NVDA, that is, announcing the phonetic equivalent of a letter after a pause. I've been able to do this for the review cursor by copying the scripts for numpad1, numpad2, and numpad3 keys from module into my global plug-in and modifying them. But as much as I try, I can't find a way to do the same for left and right arrows.

After searching for a while, I found a script in for left and right arrows, but they just run a method inside and I can't replace that method. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help.



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