Re: Add-ons mentioned in the Basic training module

Noelia Ruiz

Thanks, it would be useful, and you may reflect that we have to be
careful and install add-ons from developers that we consider reliable.
Especially now that NV Access is working on the store, and add-ons are
not reviewed to be included there or on the website, I think this
would be a good idea.
NoBeepsSpeechMode is a great add-on to be mentioned in the basic
training module since it can be used to turn on and off just speech,
and testers may use it if they need to check for instance if a
document identifies the language properly, and sighted people may want
to turn off speech.
ControlUsageAssistant can be used to learn how to interact with
controls like a combo box and others, and as an introduction to browse
mode and messages presented by NVDA in this way, for example the
format or replacement for symbols when the command is pressed twice,
or the OCR feature.
Kind regards

2021-10-12 5:51 GMT+02:00, Quentin Christensen <>:

I must admit I have not looked at most add-ons for awhile, I will have to
have a closer look :)

On Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 2:14 PM Noelia Ruiz <> wrote:

Hello, I"m interested. I think that, specifically, controlUsageAssistant
(as well as noBeepsSpeechMode, already mentioned) should be mentioned
maybe in the miscellaneus section or in some introductory chapter, since
it"s intended to show how to use NVDA in different controls and the
is for training.
Kind regards

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El 12 oct 2021, a las 4:37, Quentin Christensen <>


Good question, I must admit I had to think where I'd mentioned it when I
read this - it is in section 15.12 under Miscellaneous commands where I
noted NVDA+s which hadn't been covered previously.

I hadn't specifically intended to cover specific add-ons in the module,
aside from mentioning a few to illustrate what they can do. I'm sure an
argument could be made for (or against) mentioning all kinds of add-ons
throughout the material.

I'm happy to have further discussion on the pros and cons if anyone is


On Sun, Oct 10, 2021 at 4:22 AM Noelia Ruiz <> wrote:


I'veen excited seeing that the noBeepsSpeechMode add-on is mentioned
with the corresponding link to the community website, to see its
documentation and download it, in the basic training module.
I wonder if controlUsageAssistant should be mentioned too, in the
context of this module, for example to see how to open a combo box.
Kind regards

Quentin Christensen
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Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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