Re: Empty folders in Window Explorer, issues # 3152 and # 5759


To avoid overriding previously imported appModules, the appModules should import one on top of the other rather than from nvdaBuiltins.appModules.

I mean in win10app add-on as well as in any add-on/module overriding explorer:
from appModules.explorer import *
rather than
from nvdaBuiltin.appModules.explorer import *

I haven't tested yet but I think it should work:
- nvdaBuiltin.appModules contains appModules originally embedded by NVDA
- appModules contains the appModules available at runtime, i.e. appModules from add-ons may have overridden NVDA's ones.

It it is confirmed it can work this way, I will update Outlook extended add-on accordingly to allow other third party Outlook enhancements.


De : "Javi Domínguez"
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Envoyé: lundi 11 Octobre 2021 15:44
Objet : Re: [nvda-addons] Empty folders in Window Explorer, issues # 3152 and # 5759

Thanks, indeed that is the problem. WinTenApps must be disabled for it
to load correctly. I had a similar problem with Mozilla and the
Developer Toolkit.

El 11/10/2021 a las 14:56, Alberto Buffolino escribió:
> Javi Domínguez, il 11/10/2021 14.25, ha scritto:
>> Thank you. Could you please go to the folder where the addon was
>> installed and check that there is a folder called __pycache__?
> Alberto:
> Hi Javi,
> it seems that your add-on is not loaded due to WinTenApps. Disabling
> this latter, your add-on is been loaded. I remember an add-on that
> manage this case during import, but not its name.
> Unfortunately, on my system, like you but in Italian, I notice no
> changes in usual behavior.
> I'm thinking about this question from a lot of time, to extend
> ColumnsReview functionality of empty list announcement (already
> working in other lists). Events you used seem correct (I verified with
> a log message), but something goes wrong in obj checks.
> Alberto


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