Re: Development version of Search With, with added feature to use clipboard text as default query.

Ibrahim Hamadeh

Hello Rowen
-regarding the simplified Chinese translation
Well, yes this is a development version, and I will merge the SVN updates in the stable version.

-Regarding preserving data of the json file
well, I see it not appropriate for 2 reasons
1. If a normal user has damaged it, as I previously mentioned in a previous message
then preserving it, will mean preserving the problem.
2. If we have new engines or sites in the new version
then preserving it, will not give the user the opportunity to have the new updated ones.
until now, really I am not convinced of preserving it.
thank you

On 10/8/2021 4:45 PM, Rowen Cary wrote:
Thank you ibrahim. We may really need a way to save data.json. I forget to added many sites, every time I install it, but they disappeared after I installed the new version of the addon.

Another question is whether you can merge the latest translations in SVN. In my opinion, the simplified Chinese translation seems to be lagging behind.

在 2021/10/8 19:59, Ibrahim Hamadeh 写道:
This is the development version 1.7 of SearchWith addon:
and if no problems reported, I will make it stable after several days.
Make combo box instead of check box, to give more options for default query in search dialog
So now we have 3 options for default query:
• Leave blank
• Use clipboard text
• Use last spoken text
and either of the last two optioned is chosen, the text query will be displayed selected, so that we can easily override it.
really the feature to use clipboard text as default query, I find it useful and began to use it.
for in this way we can preserve the query, to trigger another search for it with other engines.


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