Re: Notice: what will happen to Joseph Lee's add-ons as he is leaving the NVDA community

Noelia Ruiz

Hi Joseph, despite discrepancies, tanks for your service to the community. Will you maintain the add-on template? Recently I made a PR. Of course, it may be accepted or not, but I didn"t read if you will maintain the template. Cheers

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El 14 sept 2021, a las 15:37, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> escribió:

Hello all,

I hinted at this throughout northern summer, but I think it is time to make it official:

My time with the NVDA community has come to a close.

As I’m focusing on graduate school education, I felt it is time to close a chapter in my life. I know that many people are benefiting from code and ad-dons I have produced for the last nine years, and this news may come as a shock to some. In some ways, I have hinted about my eventual departure for some time – originally I planned to retire by June 2021 but decided to stay a while longer to help NV Access with Windows 11 support. Now that NVDA 2021.2 with preliminary Windows 11 support is here, I figured it is now the right moment to end active contributions. I’ll still be around, mostly serving as an advisor.

So what happens with my add-ons? A few things:

  • October 2021: the following add-ons will receive second to last stable releases under my maintenance: Control Usage Assistant, Enhanced Touch Gestures, GoldWave, Resource Monitor, and StationPlaylist. At the same time, the last versions of Event Tracker, Extended Winamp, and Golden Cursor will be in circulation by then. All these releases will require NVDA 2021.2 or later due to control types refactor.
  • November 2021: I hope to release the next version of Clock add-on by then. I will release development builds of this add-on from time to time.
  • January 2022: I will release last versions of most of my add-ons, and from that point on, I hope the community can find new maintainers.
  • Sometime in the future: I will end support for Add-on Updater, and believe it or not, Windows App Essentials, too. Add-on Updater support hinges on the future Add-on Store from NV access, and Windows App Essentials will be end of life once the big ideas from this add-on are included in NVDA (a while ago Chris Toth pointed out on Twitter that it is not right to use an add-on on top of NVDA for basic Windows 10/11 usage scenarios).

IMPORTANT: Clock, Extended Winamp, and Golden Cursor are NOT my add-ons.

Some requests:

  • Apart from Add-on Updater and Windows App Essentials, I’m looking for people who will maintain other add-ons in the future and make them great.
  • For translators: localizations for the following add-ons will be accepted until December 15, 2021 at 23:59 UTC and no more after that: Control Usage assistant, Enhanced Touch Gestures, GoldWave, Resource monitor, and StationPlaylist. This is so that whoever might maintain these add-ons will include newer localizations after that point. Same can be said about Clock add-on – after January 2022, I hope to pass the add-on back to the community for further maintenance.

A note on Add-on Store: until that becomes reality, I will continue to visit and review add-on files repository from time to time.

Thank you. Please stay safe and healthy.



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