Clock add-on: current state, expect lots of changes in the next few days


Hello all,

The following notice is applicable to anyone using Clock add-on from Hrvoje Katic (perhaps a version of this notice should be sent to users list later):

A few weeks ago Hrvoje announced that he cannot maintain Clock add-on, and several people have stepped up to provide updates, including Abdel and Zvonimir. I was then asked to become a contributor to Clock add-on so the add-on can be modernized. Knowing that many of you rely on Clock add-on for various tasks, I decided to modernize the add-on on behalf of the community.

As part of add-on modernization, many changes will happen. First and foremost, the add-on will drop support for NVDA 2019.2.1 and earlier. Python 2 is end of life, and since 2020 many add-ons have migrated to Python 3. At the moment Clock add-on is one of those add-ons that will support older NVDA releases, but starting with a future version of the add-on, NVDA 2019.3 or later is required, preferably 2020.3 or later for best experience.

Second, localization and documentation will be updated. The latest localization data is from August 2020, and translators have provided updated localizations since then. One of the first tasks will be to acknowledge the hard work of translators by incorporating their latest work, as well as updating the add-on readme to fix possible grammar and spelling errors and to align the documentation with that of other add-ons.

Third, the latest community add-on template will be applied. Among other things, this means you must now use Python 3.7 or later to build the add-on, as well as providing Markdown extensions support.

Fourth, extensive code changes will occur. This mostly involves converting to Python 3 idioms, as well as performing lint and adding type annotations if needed. This change may also involve editing user interface messages to fix possible spelling and grammar issues.

I expect these tasks will take at least a week to complete. Although not set in stone, I hope to get the modernized (and upgraded) Clock add-on ready for release by late September after going through testing with other maintainers.

Also, if you are curious as to how to modernize an add-on for real, I suggest watching the following repository for the next few days:

My hope is that by watching this repository and looking at commit messages (and code changes), the community will get a sense of how to modernize add-ons.

Thank you.



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