Re: Github actions and nvdaaddons fork

Noelia Ruiz

Hi Patrick, Actions can be disabled in a particular repo, according to
GitHub documentation.

I'll disable actions for Dropbox repo since I'm in the corresponding
settings. I've checked that documentation corresponds with the
presence of the explained settings. Anyway, I think you're a member of
the organization and you may check the repo configuration for actions

About committing just some files in a branch, when I don't want to
merge but just commit some files, I use the following commands:

git checkout myBranch
git reset main addon/doc
git commit -m "Update doc folder without merging the whole main branch"
git push

You may see the workflow used by me in add-ons to send translations
from nvdaaddons/stable branch to nvdaes/main branch


2021-07-29 15:37 GMT+02:00, Patrick ZAJDA <patrick@...>:


I set up some actions on my add-ons repositories based on Noelia's work.

My problem is, they will also be executed on the fork, which is not
expected as I also rely on secret data I set up and I don't want these
actions to be executed twice.

How can I prevent these actions to be executed on the nvdaaddons fork?

I though about deleting them from the stable branch. But risk of
conflict when merging from the main code.

Maybe be never pushing other branch than stable to nvdaaddons, but I
would prefer to be sure no action will be launched at all

Best regards,

Patrick ZAJDA
Certification NVDA 2019

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