Re: NVDA virtual buffer as a GUI component

Noelia Ruiz


To stay on topic, since you mentioned NVDA virtual buffer, in NVDA we
can display messages in browse mode with ui.browseableMessage
Also, for example in readFeeds add-on there is a button in an NVDA
dialog to open the selected feed in HTML with buttons and checkboxes
to perform actions like copy contents to clipboard using Javascript.

2021-07-28 19:34 GMT+02:00, Héctor Javier Benítez Corredera <>:

Hello I don't know if I understood you well but here they gave a
feasible solution to focus without the user having to do anything the
html region.

Well programmed and adapted the first answer for me works in a project I
have without the user having to do anything.

If I had to handle different events in case the user wants to go to a
button panel or if you will have to contemplate if your app needs to do
some action outside the html area.


El 28/07/2021 a las 19:24, Danijela escribió:
Hi all,
This isn't a strictly addon-related question, but I suppose there's no
better place to ask about this topic.
I am looking for a way to have an HTML viewer in a standard wxPython
app, and the NVDA virtual buffer is exactly how it should look like.
So, is it possible to create a standard wxPython component and render
the HTML content in it? I tried with wx.html and wx.html2 but they
require strange additional actions to receive NVDA's focus and be used
normally with NVDA.
Can somebody throw a bit of light on this topic, please?

Best regards,

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