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Rui Fontes


Thanks for your work and for taking into account my comments!

Here is my final review...

License and copyright:: Pass
Documentation: Pass
Security: pass
User experience: Pass

So by me, it's ready to be included in the official repository!

Rui Fontes
NVDA portuguese team

Às 21:47 de 27/07/2021, Ibrahim Hamadeh escreveu:

previously adding translation files
missed to add those related to documentation or readme
so this is the new version 1.0 with those files:
sorry for inconvenience

On 7/27/2021 11:05 PM, Ibrahim Hamadeh wrote:
Hello again
well this is the version 0.9 of the addon:

I have did what you have suggested
return gesture back to NVDA+Windows+S
and added to documentation ,the remark about the possible problem in the gesture.
this version also include Angelo translations:
pt_BR and pt_PT
hope I did not miss something
and always ready for any changes
best regards
On 7/27/2021 8:42 PM, Rui Fontes wrote:

I think that is better keep NVDA+Windows+S and include in documentation a note alerting users to the possibility of faillure of the keystroke, like this:

The Default gesture for the addon is: NVDA+ Windows+ S. 
If the keystroke do not work for you, or conflict with other keystroke, you can as always add a gesture or change the existent one going to : 
NVDA menu>preferences>inputGestures>Search With category. 

What do you think?

Rui Fontes

Às 17:58 de 27/07/2021, Ibrahim Hamadeh escreveu:
Hello Rui
-I have changed the gesture to NVDA+Alt+S
for really ,I feel the problem is in the combination of Caps lock and Windows
hope it functions without problems.
if the problem persist, we may change it to Control+Shift+S
though I think this gesture is used some where, no idea.
-Regarding typos in readme
I think ,I have addressed and fixed them all.
and thank you really, for it is a big effort to review and come out with these typos.
Hope the documentation now is OK.
-And about the locale folder and pot file
I have followed the steps you described
make locale /en/LC_MESSAGES/nvda.po
it is now present in this structure in remote repo.
download link for version 0.8:
and always ready for any changes, no problem.
Thank you Rui for your efforts with me
best regards

On 7/27/2021 2:51 AM, Rui Fontes wrote:
Hello Ibrahim,

You wrote:

you know that I have changed the addon gesture previously, and you did not suggest another specific gesture, I am not sure what is the best gesture to be used, so until then I will leave it as it is, until a better one is really present.

It is very wise, since as I replied to Cyrille, it works on some keyboards and do not work on others...

And the user can change it, if necessary...

You wrote:

 not know that these things were recommended
I will add the locale folder
but I think it will not show up in the repo, because it will be an empty folder.
even the pot file, is it really recommended to be in the repo?

What I do is:

1 - Create the POT file;

2 - Create the locale folder;

3 - Create an en folder inside it;

4 - Create a LC_MESSAGES folder inside;

5 - Create a nvda.po inside;

6 - The nvda.po is created with POEdit, using the option New from a POT file present in the File menu;

Rui Fontes


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