Request to register speechHistory in translations system

Noelia Ruiz

Hello, mostly for James Scholes:

Hello, seems this add-on is not registered to be translated, or at
least I cannot find it in nvdaaddons GitHub organization. Can it be
registered please?

1. If possible, you can provide comments for translators in the code.
This is recommended for NVDA and GitHub Actions can be used to check
it, in case you want to use them (like myself).
2. Request (or confirm) that you want to register this add-on. Provide
its repo and a member of the GitHub organization will fork your repo
and send you an invitation with write access, so you can merge new
changes in the stable branch of the organization, where translations
are sent.
3. When the fork has been created, you (or the same person which
forked the repo), will create an issue in nvaccess/mrconfig repo
requesting NV Access to make needed changes in their server. This may
take time, a week or more, to be completed.

mrconfig repo:

Please feel free to ask any questions.

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