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Rui Fontes


I support totally this approach, while point 3 is not enforced...

As I already said, the ability to be translated should be a requirement...

If author do not know how to do it, I and many other developers more wiser then myself, can teach him...

Rui Fontes

NVDA portuguese team

Às 19:52 de 21/07/2021, Noelia Ruiz escreveu:

Hello: Would you think that maybe a good idea to deal with each particular add-on¿ For example, making a public recommendation to each author (public or private), to:
1 Ask why the add-on is not translatable and determine if it"s justified for any reason not considered.
2. If the answer is that tis is not justified, encourage the author to register the add-on in the translation system (now it"s documented how to do it, in nvaccess/mrconfig repo).
3. In the add-on-store proposal, when the review process is documented, propose that this needs to be required unless justified. My intention is not to lock discussions or to avoid generic questions, but I think that to move forward it maybe good to adopt decissions related to specific add-ons.

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El 21 jul 2021, a las 19:53, Ângelo Abrantes <ampa4374@...> escribió:


There is only one word to answer the question of Brian: No ... no ...
At this time, only 50% of add-ons that are on the official page can be translated!
Even, there are add-ons that do not use reference, in the source code, to the possibility of being translated.
This was the main problem of my first message, which started this topic.
Ângelo Abrantes, Portuguese NVDA team

Às 15:46 de 21-07-2021, Brian Vogel escreveu:
On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 06:55 AM, Rui Fontes wrote:
That all official add-ons be able to be translated!
Is this not already the case?  And by "the case" I mean official add-ons being able to be translated/localized, not that this has been successfully accomplished in all desired languages for all of them.

This is, after all, something that I imagine is on a "time and skills available" basis that does not receive precedence over dealing with the NVDA core.
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