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On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 06:53 PM, James Scholes wrote:
But continued back and forth about the responsibilities of volunteers is not productive, and will only serve to push people away from the community rather than making them want to help. Volunteers do not owe anybody anything, despite your own subjective work ethic.

While I've already stated that volunteers not owing anyone anything, and am in complete agreement on that point, I cannot agree that continued discussion about the responsibilities of volunteers is not productive.  It may not be productive on this topic, but at the very heart of this topic is what are those responsibilities and under what specific circumstances.

To my mind, your responsibilities are directly tied to what it is that you are stating you will do at the outset (if any public statement was made at all).  But were someone to say, "I'm developing an add-on that I see having worldwide distribution via the Community Add-Ons Page," is obligated to have educated themselves about everything that goes with that before making that statement.

Someone who developed an add-on such as you did never made any such declaration, at least that I know of, and you are a perfect example of the sort of developer I had in mind when I made the earlier statement:  Individual coders throw together some brilliant stuff, and incubating that stuff is a very useful function that could become part and parcel of all this.  Diamonds in the rough are still diamonds.

Volunteers are obliged only to the extent they personally commit themselves to be.  And if there were to be "minimum requirements" that were imposed by volunteering, then the person considering whether to do so must make an honest assessment as to whether they can and, more importantly, are willing to meet those.  If you can't or won't, then you shouldn't volunteer in that circumstance.

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