Re: No Beeps Speech Mode Compatibility Status

James Scholes

On 17/07/2021 at 7:17 pm, Bhavya shah wrote:
Dear all,

Having upgraded to NVDA version 2021.1, I am experiencing far too
frequently the inconvenience of the absence of the No Beeps Speech
Mode. Although Add-on Updater had not prompted me about the
availability of a compatible update, I decided to manually inspect by
Curiously, this page describes No Beeps Speech Mode as "Compatible:
Yes (not updated on the website)." Could someone familiar with the
matter please clarify why the update has not been made available on
the website, and separately, where, if anywhere, the update has been
made publicly available?

I would greatly appreciate any assistance with the above.

Best Regards,
Bhavya Shah
Stanford University | Class of 2024

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