Re: WPF wrapper around Chrome, no browse mode; any idea why?

James Scholes

Browse mode should be triggered by an object with a document role (or one with a document role in its ancestry). Are you focusing such an object, or something else to do with the Chromium wrapper? Can you tab through focusable objects within the web content, without being able to trigger browse mode with NVDA+Space or Escape? Are there any COM-related errors in the log?

It may help to have the developer info for the object representing the document.


James Scholes

On 13/07/2021 at 4:32 pm, Doug Lee wrote:
I have occasion to work with an application consisting mostly of a WPF wrapper around a lot of HTML5 material hosted in Chrome. Insert+Space does nothing in this app even when I make sure focus is inside the Chrome area.
Might anyone know if this is because of the wrapper or something else? Sadly though, this is a closed environment that makes sharing logs and access difficult - even getting permission to update to NVDA 2021.1 was

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