Re: Add-ons updated on the website: clipContentsdesigner, emoticons, placeMarkers

Noelia Ruiz

Hi, svn should be consistent with the website. If you find any
inconsistencies, let us know and in this case we may ask NV Access if
the issue can be fixed.
Translations sent by translators to SVN are synchronized with the
add-on repo on GitHub automatically every hour, and pre-releases of
the add-ons are published automatically once a week, including new
translations if they are available.
Releases are published on the website when reviewers approve them.
Hope this helps.

2021-05-04 18:46 GMT+02:00, Rowen Cary <>:

Isn't the translation update of these add ons automatic? Will translation
changes in the SVN repository be consistent with the site?
thank you!

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