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I don't think the old add-on will work with latest NVDA alpha builds.

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Well for certain reasons I won't go into here, I use the 32 bit version, and thus the old add on, and I was wondering if this will continue working in the new alphas of nvda?
If Goldwave has been updated, then its quite likely that a minor change has upset the add one somewhere, I've had a similar problem with program called Walta 2 for moving files from a pc to an apple phone. The screen seems to lose focus now, but does still work in Jaws.
These things do occur.
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hi all, i'm not sure who to contact about this, but for some odd
reason, the goldwave addon appears to not be working, i don't know if
it's because goldwave recently got updated in april or what, but the
addon doesn't work now

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