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To be honest a lot of stuff doesn't work right with newer versions of things.

The last known good version of waterfox is waterfox classic 2020.08.

There is a later version of both g3 and classic but all of them have issues with crashing and the like which sucks.

08 is accessible and works fine and I still use it with a few things on edge chromium but really thats about it.

It sounds like waterfox is  no longer staying true to where it was going though.

Firefox may in the end be my next push forward.

On 26/04/2021 9:26 pm, Brian's Mail list account via wrote:
Right, it was due to my Firefox, so I used the old version of Waterfox then the headings worked. Cannot work out what is going on there.
Could be I need to reinstall Firefox then.
For the record the last version of Waterfox that  seems to work with nvda is.7, anything later in the classic branch crashes without warning and locks nvda as well sometimes. Firefox is a new oddity.
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I have the version 1.4 here. On a quick scan of your linked page I see no download, only info about the github project etc.
- press 1 twice to jumpt to readme/info section;
- press i twice to jumpt to "• Download Development version";
- press enter on the link "Development version".

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