StationPlaylist ad-on 21.04/20.09.7-LTS released, looking for add-on maintainers #addonrelase


Hi all,

StationPlaylist add-on 21.04 and 20.09.7-LTS are now available .Version 21.04 (stable channel) requires NVDA 2020.4 or later, whereas 20.09.7-LTS (long-term support) will work on NVDA 2019.3 or later. Note that 20.09.7-LTS is the last 20.09.x release, and support for 20.09,x will end once the next stable version is released.

The key changes in this release include a critical fix to let the add-on work on future NVDA releases.

Also, I’m looking for maintainers of this add-on. Effective late summer, I’ll be stepping down from maintaining this add-on (I’ll keep the repo open on my side until December 31, 2021). Ideally a StationPlaylist user should maintain this add-on, but at this point it would be best to also take volunteers. The current state of the add-on can be found at:




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