Re: Is there any add-on for Zara radio to emulate mouse right click in some controls?

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Unfortunately, you won't be able to contact the developer unless you go to heaven, since he deceased some years ago. We had many queries about this add-on in our spanish list and our support system, and we don't know what to do in special cases like this one. We wouldn't like to fork and adapt this add-on to Python 3 without permission, but we don't know who can give us that permission.


El 12/04/2021 a las 6:08, Noelia Ruiz escribió:
My frend uses and old version of NVDA, though I have recommended him to update it if possible. It works in Spanish. Anyway I may get a look to the add-on trying to contact the developer and, if needed, trying to adapt it or create a new one, just if it"s necessary.
Thanks so much

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El 12 abr 2021, a las 5:35, Locutor Antonio Cezar <antoniocezarlocutor@...> escribió:

Hello. I have a specific complement to the Zararadio, but the problem is that it does not work in the new versions of NVDA, and your developer has passed away times ago. So the add-on will no longer be updated. If your friend wants to work with him, you should use NVDA 2018 or less than that, if I'm not mistaken. Another problem is that the complement will only work with versions of Zararadio translated into Brazilian Portuguese, so if your friend communicates with Spanish, for example, it will not have great difficulties with this change in the language. Anything, if this complement help you, I am sending it attached ... Thanks.

Locutor Antonio Cezar

Em 12/04/2021 00:05, Noelia Ruiz escreveu:
Hello: A friem not familiarized with object navigation, review cursor and mouse emulation in NVDA uses Zara Radio. I"m explaining him how to emulate right click and object navigation. But is there a reliable add-on which can help him?

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