Re: Important notices on upcoming add-on releases from Joseph Lee: NVDA 2020.4 requirement and other announcements

Robert Hänggi

Another quick notice.
Could you please refine the add-ons exclusion list so that only those
are listed that are really supported through the AU database.
PS. The add-on name should actually reflect the fact that only
add-ons from the community website are updatable.
In other words, it should be named something like
Community Add-Ons updater.
The current name and the fact that all installed add-ons are listed is
deceiving and suggests that any other add-on resources are included as

On 01/04/2021, Joseph Lee <> wrote:
Hi all,

After receiving comments on Add-on Updater 21.03 release, I figured it
be best to make some announcements about upcoming add-on releases:

* Future add-ons will require NVDA 2020.4 or later: Add-on Updater
21.03 is the first add-on to require NVDA 2020.4. This requirement will be
in effect for the next release of Resource Monitor and StationPlaylist
(scheduled for next week at the earliest) due to changes introduced in this
NVDA release that add-ons will take advantage of (clipboard announcement in
Resource Monitor, fixes required to support track column announcements in
* Add-on Updater offers older releases of some add-ons: don't worry
about this, as it is not the fault of Add-on Updater. I expect this issue
will be resolved once updates to affected add-ons are released.
* No May 2021 release for Windows 10 App Essentials: usually I release
updates to this add-on on a monthly basis. But I'm skipping May release
(21.05) in order to assist with NVDA 2021.1 testing.
* StationPlaylist add-on maintenance is slowly coming to a close:
version 21.04 of this add-on (coming as early as next week) will be one of
the last releases of SPL add-on from me. After this release, only
localization and critical bug fixes will be released until early fall. I
will maintain SPL add-on until December 31, 2021, and I hope the community
can maintain it after that point.
* ObjPad 21.04 emergency update: although I stopped maintaining this
add-on for a while, upon request from community members, I'll release an
emergency version of ObjPad add-on to make it compatible with upcoming NVDA
* NVDA 2021.1 will be required at least 60 days after its release: due
to massive changes introduced in upcoming NVDA 2021.1, most of my add-ons
will require this NVDA release. This won't take effect until at least 60
days after NVDA 2021.1 is released in order to give you time to check other
add-ons and upgrade to NVDA 2021.1.




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