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Sergio Gómez <gomez.sergio.3110@...>

Hi Joseph


I remind you about, if possible, that addonUpdater notifies you if there are connection problems when searching for add-ons. I thought it would be included in this version, but it seems that not…




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The update check error will be shown during manual update checks.




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On 01/04/2021, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:

> Hi all,

> Add-on Updater 21.03 is now available. I expect this will be first of

> a series of add-on updates this week. In addition to requiring NVDA

> 2020.4, Add-on Updater 21.03 now presents an error message if it

> cannot check for add-on updates due to loss of Internet connection.

I hope this will only pop up on manual check.


Regarding settings:

It is weird that those are specific to the current profile. I have for instance plenty of problems excluding an add-on from being updated since it might still be allowed in the profile I change to in the course of the day.






> As always, you can check

> for Add-on Updater updates through Add-on Updater itself.

> Cheers,

> Joseph












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