Re: Which protocal nvda remote is using?


Well there is a nv remote server somewhere I forget.

But you could use that.

There is teamviewer, there is an addon for it but not sure on access.

On 28/02/2021 7:58 pm, hamidreza abroshan wrote:
I'm working in a company that does not allow to third party servers
and they told me that if you can use nvda to connect to your remote
computer point to point they would allow me to work remotely.
Otherwise, I should go there.

On 2/27/21, Socheat Muth <> wrote:
Just use you don't need to open any ports

On 2/28/2021 12:37 PM, hamidreza abroshan wrote:
I want to make direct remote connection to another computer.
What protocol nvda remote addon uses for remote connection?
Which configs should I do?
Thanks allot.

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