Re: Next round of community add-on registrations: Word Nav, WinWizard, Console Toolkit


Well there is the interactive fiction interpreters one.

I have used that for ages and ages by nick stocton.

It doesn't do anything special, I am not even sure if it has any keys, it just reads interfiction in glulxe, inform, tads and agt/agility and a few others.

Its been working with me for ages.

It really should be a core thing but thats another thing for another day.

Its been out for ages and does work.

Not sure about mushclient but I'd imagine that works to.

On 12/02/2021 4:30 pm, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hello all,

Based on recent reviews, the following add-ons will be registered on community add-ons website this weekend (sorry for this late action):

  • Console Toolkit
  • WinWizard
  • Word Nav


Are there other add-ons that passed recent reviews and ready for website registration? I plan to register these by this weekend or next Tuesday at the latest.



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