Re: #chat #comunidadinternacional Newcomer in NVDA-AddOn group - Interested in Translating and or Python Development; I speak English (Native), Spanish (Native), Italian, German (about 5 years, but rusty), French (learning and at an A2 level #chat #comunidadinternacional

Noelia Ruiz

Hello, in case Joseph is not active at this moment (since I haven't
see more replies), I suggest you to see this for more info about
translating NVDA.
I'm spanish, in case you want to speak in this language privately for
any question:


2021-02-10 2:22 GMT+01:00, JD <joeld9315@...>:

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for reaching out. I agree with you, contributing isn't and
shouldn't just be submitting code, comments, or translations.

It is contributing and helping remove barriers that have existed within
society for too long. It is helping remove technological, language, and
attitudinal barriers within society. It is helping make sure that no one
gets left out, and helping make sure that everyone, irregardless of
socioeconomic status or country of origin, has the same equal access and
opportunity that everyone else does. It is also placing yourself in the
end-users shoes and navigating the product as they would, and helping make
sure that the correct needs are met. It is working on a product that others
depend on.

I myself am not blind, but I am impacted everyday by a disability I obtained
from an accident in 2017. I am familiar with advocates such as Tony Coelho
or Yoshiko Dart, the Capital Crawl, or the ADA Act of 1990. I know about
some of the difficulties that people have faced in the past, and *I know
that I don't know* of all of the difficulties individuals with disabilities,
such as blind individuals, face today. As a result, I am here because I want
to learn about these difficulties and I want to contribute and help remove
them. I want to join and help remove any technological, language, and
attitudinal barriers that have existed within society for too long, and
because I want others to have equal access to technology.

As such, I am interested in learning more on contributing to this project.

Note, I am going to step away from my computer for today, but I will follow
up tomorrow.

Thank you once again


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