Re: IDEA Add-on Updater: Updating your own extensions outside the catalog,


Well I use github cli for some stuff in elektron forge but I also have github desktop which I use all the time.

Its easy to clone repos and stuff though I need to get their git links off the site first.

As for a centralised place, I do wander why all the centralised information couldn't be stored in ini files or text files.

Not sure how to do xml stuff but that is a commen way of storing all sorts of data.

On 4/02/2021 5:30 pm, Reef Turner wrote:
Hi Alexey,

The proposal for the NVDA addon store submissions is intentionally aiming to keep all metadata in a centralised location. This allows us and the add-ons community to moderate it. The plan involves making the list of add-ons available directly from NVDA, so NV Access must be cautious about what will be available via that list.

For add-on authors who either dislike using or are unfamiliar with GitHub I can recommend the Github CLI tool, which allows creating Pull requests from the command line. I believe this will streamline the process for many users.

I think we are basically at a stage where we can start accepting the json metadata for add-ons to the store. And start offering it from NVDA. One thing I'd like first is a published checklist for reviewing updates to the json data.

To start with we can perform the checks manually, then I hope that some of the people in our community who are experienced with Github Actions can help to automate the checks. If all the checks are automated we will be able to have a very rapid update process.

I should also point out, I expect that the add-ons website is updated to use the same data source. However I believe that this will remain blocked until we have a system in place for translating the metadata.

I hope this helps to explain the approach we are taking. 

Reef Turner
Software Developer - NV Access

On Thu, 4 Feb 2021 at 11:34, alexey <aleks-samos@...> wrote:
I think we should have
asked the community at the beginning to come up with a unique JSON for the update. Do if the "update_url" is not specified in the manifest, use some default "",
did you ever think about this when you parsed the HTML code of the site and the version numbers in the file name?
And if "update_url" is specified in the manifest, then it is already checked, and since the JSON structure would be the same for everyone, the next steps would be identical,
regardless of whether JSON is downloaded from the community site or from any other third-party site.
I imagined it in my head and I think it's the perfect option!

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