Re: IDEA Add-on Updater: Updating your own extensions outside the catalog,


What about when you install addons, really should have a list of addons, and you can open one to hear its description then add to and get that.

You could always download addons  and such.

I'd also like the ability to have an account, add into what I need say addons I use a lot, then download a huge file for backup then only 1 file would install it all.

I wander if we could use ninite to install extras like addons since it will always get latest releases.

On 4/02/2021 4:34 pm, alexey wrote:
I think we should have
asked the community at the beginning to come up with a unique JSON for the update. Do if the "update_url" is not specified in the manifest, use some default "",
did you ever think about this when you parsed the HTML code of the site and the version numbers in the file name?
And if "update_url" is specified in the manifest, then it is already checked, and since the JSON structure would be the same for everyone, the next steps would be identical,
regardless of whether JSON is downloaded from the community site or from any other third-party site.
I imagined it in my head and I think it's the perfect option!


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