Re: IDEA Add-on Updater: Updating your own extensions outside the catalog,


Well this is something we need to concidder.

I was thinking about taking an allready existing idea and adapt it to our needs.

Linux allready has repos of packages,

And an easy way to add extra repos.

The issue really should be who has access to addons infrastructure.

Something changed a bit ago which stopped part of this working.

Yes there are a few mirrors some with alegal stuff on them but not official.

There are more git repos than there are addons, and to add an addon to updater this needs to be done manually.

At this point it really needs to be that there is a central list where official addon authors have their addons, linux has official and unofficial repositories allready.

So all we need is a good package manager.

The nvda addon updater sounds nice, but maybe we need to take an allready established package manager and use that or at least something from that.

There should be things like the ability from nvda to switch between dev, alpha, beta and stable channels, and the ability to switch from addon channels etc easily enough.

As I said on the other thread, we really need to sort out the infrastructure or a way to get addons if for example it should fail.

At any rate, all we need is a mirror for official and one for unofficial.

Now we just need something to check releases and devs say once a day, maybe overnight, but have a way for a user to post directly and update their rrepo and also notify the updater manually, obviously they will need access to do that, but git access should beĀ  good enough even if you then have google access on top of that and whatever security.

Then again, you could just say that every developer needs pgp or other key access both private or public for verification.

Thats a bit of an effort but what's 1 or 2 more packages when a usual source project usually has 30 or more packages.

I just ran updates on some source projects I am testing, I had to update several packages and I need to do some modifying of several files to have updated packages.

On 4/02/2021 3:53 pm, Joseph Lee wrote:
Believe it or not I once thought about this idea in the past. Part of the
reason for the current state of Add-on Updater is that it relies on the
infrastructure provided by the community add-ons website. I hope we can
change that in the future once the supposed Add-on Store idea becomes a real
thing (but first, we need to find ways to make the add-on submission process
easier for everyone).

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outside the catalog,

Hi. How can I force updates to add-ons that are not in the catalog?
I think it's an unnecessary task to write such a module for each of my add -
For example, update from my site or from Github?
This can be done like this:
In the manifest is specified:
File update.json contains:
"download_url": ""
Please consider this possibility in the future.


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