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One thing to note (for folks reviewing it): NVDA+H is taken by Control Usage Assistant. I'm willing to give up NVDA+H provided that the community believes it will be more useful to assign to the new add-on.

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I have updated the commandHelper addon with these improvements:

Fixed an error whereby the execution of orders would fail when the Allow Surface Read in Verbalize All option is enabled in the NVDA keyboard options.

Fixed a bug where pressing a navigation button on the braille display would leave the keyboard command layer.

The ability to run scripts that require multiple keystrokes has been implemented.
* Shift + enter executes the script as twice pressed gesture.
* control + enter executes the script as triple pressed gesture.

Announcement of the corresponding gesture to the selected command by pressing F1 has been implemented.

Donwload link:


Javi Dominguez

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