Re: How to make a window element focusable?

Lukasz Golonka

On Wed, 13 Jan 2021 14:05:13 -0800
"Oleksandr Gryshchenko" <> wrote:

But still I don't understand why the focus does not fall on the headers when navigating with the Tab key...
because these objects have the following attributes:
isFocusable == True
For me this is a strange and incomprehensible behavior... I just faced exactly the same situation in another program.
Focusable just means that the given object can accept focus when
executing obj.setFocus() it does not give an guarantee that it would be
present in the tab order.

Lukasz, could you share your add-on for Becky?
I've attached it. Please note that since I've written it just for
personal usage code quality could certainly be better in some places. Ah
also because I'm mostly using 2019.2.1 you would probably need to adapt
it slightly if your want to get it working with Python 3 versions of

I do intent to make it more official at some point but there are still
some places in Becky! which should be made more accessible but this
cannot be done without changes in the core of NVDA for which I never had
time to work on.


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