NVDA Core dev docs: you can now build it locally via Sphinx


Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago this forum had a discussion regarding lack of source code documentation for NVDA screen reader. As noted by a number of participants, lack of such documents hinders add-on development for some. I’m delighted to announce that parts of this issue is resolved as of today: you can now build source code docs using Sphinx on your local clone of NVDA Core.

To do this:

  1. Be sure to clone (or pull_ the latest NVDA Core source code.
  2. After the source code was cloned or updated, run scons source, followed by scons devDocs (in that order).
  3. From the root of NVDA folder, navigate to output/devDocs/NVDA/html.
  4. Open index.html, and voila, the source code docs will be shown.


Eventually I hope that it would be possible to publish source code docs to a service such as Read The Docs whenever a commit is made to master branch (once a PR is merged, for example). But in order to do that, we must work on the next stage of Project Alexandria – markup fixes and expanding the source code docs, and I think it would be great to do that after NVDA 2020.4 is released.



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