Re: inputCore.manager.emulateGesture() not firing all keystrokes?

Daniel Gartmann

These questions are extremely helpful to me as someone who has a hard time getting started with NVDA add-on writing.


Let’s hope that some of these answers can be picked up by the great developers on this list and put into the ad-on development guide for the rest of us 😊.





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Sendt: 8. januar 2021 11:00
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Emne: [nvda-addons] inputCore.manager.emulateGesture() not firing all keystrokes?


Ok, I will try to make this the last question for now - if I try to get it to emulate a keystroke for something like alt+f or alt+d, it seems to be ignoring it?


As in:

#code snippet

s_keystroke = "alt+f"

gesture = keyboardHandler.KeyboardInputGesture.fromName(s_keystroke)

#end snippet


And, nothing happens?


Things like control+v work fine, etc., as well as things like enter, etc.?




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