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Hi all,
Due to intermittent internet connectivity issues I'm having, I won't be able to post updates to these add-ons on a timely manner, so I would like to request help in submitting these updates to NV Access. Also, can someone review console Toolkit if you have time? The person who is best suited to review this add-on (Bill Dengler) isn't a member of this list at the moment.

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I recently released a bunch of updates to my add-ons. I am wondering if anyone can help me to update the links on the official website?
Phonetic Punctuation 1.2
Bluetooth Audio 1.2
WordNav v1.2
SentenceNav v2.9
Tony's enhancements v1.8:
BrowserNav v1.12:
And also, there is one new add-on that I submitted for review and I haven't heard from anyone regarding it. Can anyone review it for me?
Console Toolkit 0.2
Thanks and happy new year!

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