Re: Issue related to installTasks in some add-ons


Hi all,
Upon further investigation, it turns out it's a regression in 2020.4, specifically due to a circular import between GUI module and context help module. One workaround is importing GUI module and friends in onInstall function.

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Subject: [nvda-addons] Issue related to installTasks in some add-ons


If you'have installed NVDA 2020.4beta1 and try to install add-ons like readFeeds 10.0, reportPasswords 1.0 or placemarkers 14.0, NVDA can crash on startup. I have published versions to fix this in add-ons, but I think it's better not to install these updates, since it seems to be fixed by @lukaszgo1, though it's not merged in NVDA. See more info at


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