Re: New WordNav add-on - review requested

Tony Malykh


In my experience if the feature is unassigned, then nobody will know about it. I prefer to make it assign and teach users how to disable it.
Word selection would be nice to have, but as I mentioned in the readmreadme, the implementation is quite a bit more complicated. In my own experience I use word selection much less, so the return on ivestment is going to be pretty low. Having said this, I still believe it is a good feature to have, and maybe one day  I'll find enough time to implement it.



On 12/15/2020 5:21 AM, Samuel Kacer wrote:
Hi Tony,

another great idea for making lives of blind developers such as myself easier. This is particularly great for code editors like VS code, where word navigation is messy. I have some thoughts about the default configuration and about the behavior as well:

- I think the ctrl + windows +arrows should be unassigned by default, since I would imagine many people like to use virtual desktops and at first I was puzzled why switching between them was funny
- I think if this addon changes behavior for word navigation, it should also change behavior for word selection (i.e. using ctrl + shift + left/right arrow)
- namely it is confusing/frustrating that ctrl + right arrow moves caret forward by x amount, but ctrl + shift + right arrow selects by y amount
- would it be possible to have an app inclusion list instead of an app exclusion list? since I would only want to use this for some code editors, but I don't like making seperate profiles because they get out of sync over time

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On Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 4:04 AM Tony Malykh <anton.malykh@...> wrote:
I present my new add-on WordNav and I would like to have it reviewed.
WordNav improves word navigation commands (Control+Left/Right arrows) in
NVDA. It works in both editables and browse mode. It provides 4
different version of word navigation commands, depending on how do we
define a word, and allows them all to be assigned to either
control+arrows or control+windows+arrows commands. Those different word
deinitions  are:
• Left Control+Arrows: Notepad++ definition, that treats alphanumeric
characters as words, and adjacent punctuation marks are also treated as
words. This should be the most convenient word definition for the
majority of users.
• RightControl+Arrows: Fine word definition splits camelCaseIdentifiers
and underscore_separated_identifiers into separate parts, thus allowing
the cursor to go into long identifiers.
• LeftControl+Windows+Arros: Bulky word definition treats almost all
punctuation symbols adjacent to text as part of a single word, therefore
it would treat paths like C:\directory\subdirectory\file.txt as a single
• RightControl+Windows+Arros: Multiword definition, that groups several
words together. The amount of words is configurable.
Another issue that WordNav is trying to fix is inconsistency between
NVDA word definition and word definition in applications. There have
been multiple issues of that nature, when the program moves cursor
according to one definition, and NVDA assumes another, and that leads to
either words being pronounced twice, or some words being skipped. Since
wordNav doesn't send Control+Arrows gesture to applications, but it
instead parses the whole line itself, it serves as a workaround for this
type of issues.


Best regards

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