Emergency notice: hold off on add-on releases until release pipeline is fully operational again


Hi all,

Thanks to Abdel, it was discovered that the add-on release pipeline isn’t working. Specifically, whenever changes are made to add-on files repo, it isn’t sent to community add-ons website. This causes people to download older versions instead of what the authors intended.

A new issue was filed with mrconfig repo at:

Add-on files: changes to add-on files repo isn't syncing with add-ons website · Issue #12 · nvaccess/mrconfig (github.com)


Therefore, until the pipeline is fully operational again, please hold off on releasing add-on updates. Exceptions include Braille Extender and development versions of Windows 10 App Essentials and StationPlaylist add-ons i.e. add-on channels with links not ending in “.nvda-addon”. If you absolutely need to release add-on updates, please provide the actual download link as part of your post until the pipeline returns.



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