Re: Unmute addon request.


I agree jason.

I use commen sounds myself but if there was an easy way to use different sounds for different things where needed maybe I'd do that.

However in win10 etc no one doodles with the soundscheme anymore and with a lot of events hidden I suspect that sort of thing has gone out with the idea that easy to use classical interfaces which were more simpler and easy to understand are cool.

On 24/10/2020 2:22 am, Jason Bratcher wrote:
My initial inspiration was an old Google Captcha alert sound they used a long time ago indicating the start of an audio captcha.
In keeping a copy of it on my Western Digital MyBook for a fairly long time I decided to find a reason for it.
I added a lower-octaved pitch shift in courtesy of GoldWave and as the addage says, the rest is history.
I prefer short non-obtrusive concise sounds that can be noticed on their own just because I'm tired of the common sounds everyone else uses;
They're so overvalued.
I like being different even if it means editing the NVDA addons' different .py files to show different strings than what they were meant to be.
Anyone else looking for short concise sounds? Definitely let me know, since a short sound can really say a heaven of a lot in the right context?

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