Re: can I have Espeak ng binary exe file outside of nvda?

Roger Stewart

Hmmmmm?  I can't make much sense out of this. There were apparently 3 versions of eSpeak and all had very odd file extensions. I downloaded all of them but only got one as my anti virus program said download was blocked as they could harm the system.  The one I did get appeared as a .zip file but with an odd extension. I used 7Zip on it and it extracted something which turned out to be yet another .zip file with yet another extension.  When I ran 7Zip on it I just got a load of files and folders.  What I need is one file that ends with the extension of .exe so I can run it and it will install eSpeak 5.0.  The one I have is like that but is version 4.804 so this must be a bit more up to date but I have no idea of how to use it.


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Can you send me a link please?

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It exists as a sappi 5 version certainly as I've installed it into Jaws.
So it should be available, since there is a mail list for Espeak NG
that I

subscribe to.

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It maybe off topic, but can I have Espeak ng outside of nvda?
I could not found it in it's github page.




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