Re: Suggest edit for NVDA Add on Development Guide #addon

Robert Hänggi

I always thought it to be a strange thing that the gnu gettext tools
were copied into the add-on folder, total waste of space.
I have them installed globally so that they are reachable from the shell.
It would be nice if we had a template that sets up the environment for
multiple hosted add-ons and not just one.
Perhaps with scripts that allow the creation and maintenance of
add-ons, fed from a user configuration file with github tokens etc.

On 17/10/2020, Luke Davis <luke@...> wrote:
On Sat, 17 Oct 2020, Joseph Lee wrote:

Lint/linting is an old term, denoting small pieces of paper discarded when
holes are punched for programming.
Hahhahhahhahhah! That is the most hilariously precise thing I have seen all

week! I am so glad I was not actually drinking my coffee when I read that.

Brian, if you had actually asked the question, I'm sure someone would have
pointed you to Google, the first result of which would have filled your
knowledge gap about linting in a more useful, though far less amusing, way.

Or try the following URL, which I made up out of thin air, but which works:


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