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Lint/linting is an old term, denoting small pieces of paper discarded when holes are punched for programming.
As for the subject under discussion: one workaround would be creating a table or a list of steps to be taken to create an add-on development and packaging environment for different operating systems.

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I do agree. It often seems to me that new terms suddenly appear as well, like most recent, Linting, which are about as transparent as to what they are as a block of reinforced concrete. grin


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Hi Joseph,
Sheesh. No wonder I no longer understand programming if the centre of
that universe involves Linux.
I can guarantee you that a beginner will not feel comfortable using
Linux unless they have no qualms in breaking things. I run my
webserver on Linux, and despite even now, after working with it for a
few years, continuing to follow instructions parrot-style, not
understanding what I'm doing or why I'm doing it, I still feel queasy
every time I have to log into it, almost as if one wrong move will
plummet me to my death just as much as the machine!
Add virtual machines and environments to that, and that puts me
straight off the road. I wouldn't even feel comfortable touching that
without at least a good few one-to-one tutorials, and this is me who
has experimented with and tried to learn about the technical aspects
of computers for a good fifteen years. I will do whatever in the world
it takes to avoid a reformat/reinstall situation because I've broken
something that's way too big for my boots, out of ignorance.
Not to mention. NVDA is a very Windows-centric system, so in my mind
using a Linux development environment just doesn't make logical sense.
But then again, what do I know? I'm fast learning that programming is
no longer just about typing a few commands, hitting a compile button,
and hitting an upload button like it used to be. I'm fast lagging
behind the times, it seems, and now I'm floundering in the dark like a trapped bear in a snare.
So for all I know my opinion might be worth nothing more than pleading
for a saviour. So I guess, make of it what you will.

On 17/10/2020 10:07 am, Joseph Lee wrote:

A much better idea, although might not be feasible for some, is
switching to WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) for add-on building
tasks. You might not be able to send a pull request for add-on dev
guide as it is a wiki page.



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Guide #addon #addon

Hi all

due to some error while generating pot file, I read, and accomplished
setting up add-on development with helpfulness from NVDA community.
Now I'd like to give some suggestion for the NVDA Add on Development
Guide to help other people who beginner like me

At the Setting Up Your Add-on Development Environment section:

For scons and markdown, consider telling user these could be
installed via pip command such as pip install scons, pip install

consider replacing GNU Gettext by python-gettext because program in
the given link not work when copy msgfmt.exe and xgettext.exe into
add-on directory. Doing this way, I must use other gettext package.
using python-gettext, we don't need to copy anything to add-on directory.

I can edit this, but I don't know that I'm allowed to make pull
request for things like this or not so I send here, which hope the
documentation could be easier to understand

Thanks for your help about my problem in many day.


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