Suggest edit for NVDA Add on Development Guide #addon


Hi all
due to some error while generating pot file, I read, and accomplished setting up add-on development with helpfulness from NVDA community. Now I'd like to give some suggestion for the NVDA Add on Development Guide to help other people who beginner like me
At the Setting Up Your Add-on Development Environment section:
For scons and markdown, consider telling user these could be installed via pip command such as pip install scons, pip install markdown
consider replacing GNU Gettext by python-gettext because program in the given link not work when copy msgfmt.exe and xgettext.exe into add-on directory. Doing this way, I must use other gettext package. using python-gettext, we don't need to copy anything to add-on directory.
I can edit this, but I don't know that I'm allowed to make pull request for things like this or not so I send here, which hope the documentation could be easier to understand
Thanks for your help about my problem in many day.

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