Re: Quick Dictionary with automatic switching of synthesizers for selected languages #addonrelease

Locutor Antonio Cezar

sailor preliminary assessment almost first trip:
1. Manifest.ini with all necessary references.
2. Documentation in English very well detailed.
3. The translation Add-On feature works very well.
4. The synthesizers exchange still requires adjustments for the following reasons:
4.1. I set up the profile with one voice, rate, pitch etc ... for the Eloquence synthesizer.
4.2. I set up the profile 3 with voice, tone, speed, etc ... for Eolquence synthesizer.
4.3. I associated the Portuguese language profile 1 and the English language profile 2.
4.4. I set the source language to English, which is the language that most need translation.
4.5. I set the Target language to Portuguese, which is my native language.
4.6. When I'm in a text in English, I change my default synthesizer for English with SwitchSynth Add-On.
4.7. Saved the configuration NVDA with NVDA + Control+C.
4.8. Select a word in the English text and translate and command NVDA+Y, followed by the letter D.
4.9. The QuickDictionary switches the voice for the profile 1 in Portuguese will speak when the translation, but does not automatically return to the English language that is currently configured by default in NVDA.

My eternal gratitude to you and to all who dedicate their time and expertise in the maintenance and development of Add-Ons for the community of our NVDA... Thanks.

Locutor Antonio Cezar

Em 11/10/2020 18:49, Joseph Lee escreveu:


Was this reviewed? If not, I think it should be reviewed ASAP by someone willing to do so.




From: <> On Behalf Of Oleksandr Gryshchenko
Sent: Sunday, October 11, 2020 2:29 PM
Subject: [nvda-addons] Quick Dictionary with automatic switching of synthesizers for selected languages #addonrelease


Hi friends,
I added to the add-on the ability to manipulate the profiles of voice synthesizers and associate them with selected languages.
If you enable and configure this function, the received dictionary articles will be sounded by the voice synthesizers of your choice.
An example for the implementation of this possibility was the Switch Synth add-on. Thanks to its author Tyler Spivey for a great idea.

Also added the ability to download current list of available languages from the online dictionary.

Thanks to Cagri Dogan, a translation into Turkish has been added.
At the same time, updated translations and ReadMe documents in English and Ukrainian.

Friends, I'm very grateful to everyone who makes translations and leaves feedback and wishes about this project!

You can download the updated version by following the link below:

p.s. I remember the request to add Arabic and Tamil.
Therefore, in the next version I plan to add the ability to use different online dictionaries and switch between them.

I wish everyone a good week!

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