numpadNavMode Add-on: all new beta release 0.5-dev for testing & review

Luke Davis

Hello all!

I'm happy to announce an all-new beta of the numpadNavMode add-on, of which I released an alpha a couple weeks ago.

It has been almost completely rewritten, both to address some of the comments received, and because I just didn't like how it worked before. I think it is much better in this form, and I request anyone who tried it before, to try it again.

For those who didn't test it yet, please consider testing it now: it really is new and improved, if I do say so.

New in this version:

* Warning dialog on installation has been removed, no longer applies.
* The add-on should now avoid allowing any Windows nav, or any of its other numpad gestures, to be saved to a user's gestures.ini file.
* If a user maps one of the numpad gestures while in NVDA mode, it will remember that mapping when it switches back to NVDA mode from Windows mode.

A reminder of what it does:
Allows you to switch your numpad into Windows navigation mode, so you can use its arrow keys, home/end, and page up and down.



Known issues:

At the moment, I am not sure about its translatability. The add-on itself could be translated, but I have not yet looked into what I would have to do for locale gesture configurations. It may work well, it may not, for non-US keyboard users.
I intend to dig into that more in an upcoming version. If anyone wants to provide suggestions about that, please get in touch.


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