Feature Request for NotepadPlusPlus Add-on

Luke Davis

Hello to any developers of the Notepad++ add-on. (I know Derek and Robert, at least, are on this list.)

I wanted to suggest the following feature:

NPP has the ability to collapse and expand text, based on code styling.

For example, pressing Control+Alt+F while on the line of a Python method declaration, will collapse the code below it. Pressing Control+Alt+Shift+F will expand the function.
It of course also works with other indentation blocks of any kind, such as if statements or classes.

There is, however, no indication that I could find to let the user know that there is some collapsed text below the current line, although I imagine that there is some kind of visual indication of collapsedness, that we just can't access.

Since this feature has obvious utility when programming, it would be very nice to have some kind of indicator. Maybe an earcon?
If an earcon is a possibility, please make sure it does not interfere with NVDA's indent beeps.
I would be happy to come up with an earcon that works, if someone could implement the feature.

A secondary feature to this, would be a sound and counter-sound, like the completion indicators, for collapsing and expanding things. Not as important as knowing something is collapsed, by far, but still potentially useful.

Thanks for any consideration, and thanks for this excellent add-on!


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