Re: New add-on numpadNavMode: beta tests and community review request

Luke Davis

Thank you ibrahim for your kind comments and your review.

Further points addressed below:

it is the issue that you refered to
Personally I would think of that as UX not security, but either way you are right, and I plan to solve it, or at least minimize its effects, before stable release.
It turned out to be a bigger problem than I originally thought.

the addon sometimes removes and deletes the user remapped gestures
for instance, while in NVDA mode
I remapped NVDA+numpad2 and NVDA+numpad3 to do other jobs
switching to windows mode, then back to NVDA mode
NVDA+numpad2 remapping removed, and returned to default NVDA go to first child.
I am looking into ways to keep the gestures from saving in the user's gesture map, and also this case of live gesture assignments.

Although at the moment I don't know of any clean way to detect that a user has mapped a gesture, without patching inputCore.manager.userGestureMap.add(), which I don't really want to do.

but NVDA+numpad3 retains , may be because it is not a default NVDA gesture.
Correct. I am thinking about what I can do here.

when writing script_numpadNavModeToggle
you make, bypassInputHelp=True
so when pressing the gesture of the script in input help mode, the gesture will execute
I did that because, like numlock, the add-on changes the function of all of the numpad keys. Numlock bypasses input help, so I thought this should.
But I don't mind doing it differently if users find it odd.

it is a beautiful and useful addon especially if you solve the issue of removing custom gestures in stable version.
Thank you again for this and your other comments. I am working on that problem.



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