Re: NVDA add-ons community announcements: legacy add-ons page update, community add-ons website will remove add-on dev guide


Hmmm thats good to know.
However will a link to the wiki with the guide be on the page or will
the entire wiki be linked to?

On 15/08/2020, Joseph Lee <@joslee> wrote:
Hello everyone,

A version of this announcement will be sent to NVDA users soon.

The following announcement stems from a discussion regarding now deprecated
Image Describer add-on on NVDA add-ons mailing list (the add-on is no

As many of you may know, there exist two pages on community add-ons website
that are not mentioned frequently:

* Legacy add-ons page, listing add-ons no longer considered compatible
with recent NVDA releases.
* Add-on development guide, which used to provide information on
add-on development basics.

A few weeks ago a situation arose where an add-on advertised itself as
compatible with not that old NVDA release stopped functioning. The NVDA
add-ons community learned that this add-on, Image Describer, relied on a
service that the add-on author did not have access to (specifically, no
payment). Because the bulk of the add-on didn't even work, the community
considered removing it from community add-ons website.

While investigating this, the legacy add-ons page was found to contain
references to NVDA 2019.3, which wasn't really future-proof. Although for
now mentioning 2019.3 as a backwards incompatible release is fine, NV
noted a couple times that API's used by add-ons marked for deprecation will
be removed annually (the next such occurrence may happen early next year).
Therefore, the legacy add-ons page will now state that the page will list
add-ons considered incompatible with more recent NVDA releases, with an
option to state latest backwards incompatible NVDA release for many

In regards to add-on development guide, it is a bit complicated. Originally
the community add-ons site hosted this guide because there was no better
place to host this document when it first appeared in late 2013. I have
marked this document as untranslatable, but due to the translation
it was translated (which benefited some language communities as a result).
In recent years, with the advent of NVDA Add-ons organization on GitHub,
add-on development guide found a better home: NVDA Add-ons development
With new material added to GitHub wiki page, the dev guide hosted on
community add-ons site naturally ended up becoming horribly outdated.

Therefore, the add-on dev guide hosted on community add-ons website will be
removed. This will be done in stages:

1. No later than August 31, 2020: add-on dev guide page hosted on
community add-ons site will provide a link to the official add-on dev guide
page found on GitHub, nothing else.
2. The day NVDA 2021.1 is released: dev guide page hosted on community
add-ons website will be deleted permanently.

Thank you.



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